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Tell me that you hate me. See what I do about it.

I know that it hurts so very much when you here words that are so negative and they are twords you. When people say something bad about something that you love so much or when they just put down every single word that you say. It really does suck! Iv learned that you have to just deal with it. Don’t try to stop it beacuse you just get hurt more and more. When someone says something mean just know your opinions twords that subject. Don’t change your love for that song or band just dont have to fight about it all the time. My friends hate my music but I dont really care. Its me, I may not be cool so what? I think its better to know what you love and love it beacuse its your choice than to have people cram ideas dpwn your throught about what to like and who to like. Im as cool as I need to be. I have friends and I know myself enough to have the courage to say I love Blood on the dance floor or black veil brides. ;) Just go with it ok and dont change who you are beacuse some stupid friend of yours dosnt know the real you. I love you all so much and know that you are important and you need to stay on this earth!!!!! <3 SMILE!!!! :D

→ Leader of anti-bullying campaign found dead


Roger Crouch, a U.K. man who started a campaign against anti-gay bullying when his 15-year-old son committed suicide, was found dead last week. He was 55. 

Crouch’s son Dominic was teased for allegedly kissing a boy on a dare and took his own life in 2010. As a result, his father started a Facebook campaign against homophobic bullying, visited schools to talk to students about bullying, and even visited the House of Commons to urge politicians to get involved. 

In November, Crouch beat out activists like Lady Gaga for U.K. LGBT organization Stonewall’s “hero of the year” award. The Guardian reports:

After receiving the Stonewall award last month, Crouch said: “I see this as an award for Dom. By choosing us for this award you’ve also chosen to take a stand alongside all the young people whose lives have been ended by bullying.

“We are parents who loved our son. We stood by him in life and we stand by him in death.”

This is absolutely devastating. Thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends; no community should ever have to suffer through loss after loss like this. 

I’ll say I’m fine and I don’t care…when truthfully on the inside I’m hurting, crying, and dying. But I’ll never let you see that side of me.
Am I Loved?……………………………….YES!

I dont have any clue on how to start this, but I ask a girl a question well a couple of questions. Her answers really bothered me. I read through her page, I know a little bit stalkerish but i really feel for this girl. She is so pretty and seems to have a good head on her shoulders its just facing the wrong way. Nothing wrong with that though, nothing at all. She knows so much about other people but dosnt know enough about herself to love and care for herself. I know it is hard to love your self and really like every single part of your body or your life. We all want to change soemthing. Thats no problem we are human and we are not perfect. Though she called herself a monster and said she didnt want to live anymore. That scared me so much, to think that such a young person who seems so briliant would just through it all away. I want to let her knoe and anybody else who feels that way that so many people in your life do like you. Even if you think everyone hates you they really dont. Im here for anyone who is having problems like hers beacuse I do know what it is like to be scared and feel weak. Im here to support you and to help you throuhg anything. <3 :)


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